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Our Story

C&M Music Factory first began as a dream of Winston McElveen Jr., my father. He began the business in 1995 with a friend from work. My father always loved music, so C&M Music Factory was more of a hobby of his. He passed on his love of music to me and I had the privilege of being apart of his business/hobby as I was growing up. The older I became, the more he would let me do. It became a great joy for me in my life. After my father's passing, I knew he would want me to keep the business going and that's just what I have done. Things are a little different than they were back then, no more changing CDs and making sure not to bump the equipment so the CD doesn't skip. I still enjoy what I do and do in honor of the dream my father had.

Winston "MacDaddy" McElveen

"The MacDaddy Legacy will live on"


My Dad's Last Gig in August 2002

MacDaddy & Jake The Snake


"Our Family Business"

Savannah, Evin, Dusty, & Courtney


"Building The Future"

EJ the DJ & MA$TER D

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